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As a private team, we depend on sponsors in order to prosper and improve our performance as a team. Since we aren't affiliated with our school, we don't receive any funding from them which means that fundraising is incredibly important for us to buy the materials we need. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please email us at .

We are Team Unlimited, FTC 0001, we are composed of sixteen student members and two mentors, and are a diverse group of individuals. This is our thirteenth year participating in the First Tech Challenge (FTC, a robotics program for high school students) and we have left a long legacy of accomplishments, including qualifying for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, ) World Championships 10+ times since the creation of the FTC program. Last season (2019-2020), we won the First Inspire and the First Alliance at the Canton Qualifier, the Compass award at the Lexington Qualifier, the Think award at the Pennsylvania Qualifier, and the Think award at the Massachusetts State Championship None of these achievements came easily; every team member has put countless hours into the robot engineering and programming, the engineering notebook, and most importantly, our outreach activities in our local and wider communities. Some examples of our outreach are helping to run a program called Sharon Youth Robotics Association (SYRA) through which we help train and prepare FIRST Lego League (FLL, pre-high school robotics), teams, and officiating at MA FLL local and state championship tournaments and provide training to new referees for these day-long events. Additionally, we volunteer at FTC tournaments that we’re not competing in by running help desks to assist other teams with programming problems and mechanical setbacks and performing both hardware and software inspections.

Out of all our achievements, the Inspire award means the most to us. The top award for the FTC program, it is given to a team that shows their accomplishments in all judged areas, as well as being formidable on the competition field. As successful as we have been, we have made it to this point without any support from Sharon High School. Mostly self-funded, we have been working out of a coach’s basement. Without funds, we will not be able to continue to exist as an FTC team. Since we have been a team since 2002 we are using an outdated building and electronics system. We need your help to move to the new REV Robotics electronics system to prevent disconnection errors that plagued our robot last year. In addition, we want to move away from 80-20 linear slides as they are heavy, large and prone to error. We can not do this without your help.

By becoming our team’s sponsor, you will be helping us by:

  • Paying the cost of registration for this year’s challenge

  • Buy supplies/ materials needed for our team to prepare for the competition, such as the official FTC perimeter field kit ($689+shipping) and/or competition field construction materials ($400).

  • Pay for entrance fees for the annual FTC registration ($275), the competition tournaments ($100-$300 per event. 3 events per season), and possible registration for the World Championship games ($1000)

  • Pay for team/club tee shirts that we wear as a team when competing in tournaments and participating in community services.

Our success has not gone unnoticed. In fact, our work has gained us an international reputation; through our websites (FTC & FLL), we have helped teams as far away as Europe and Asia. Should you accept our sponsorship request,

  • We would recognize your organization on our robot.

  • During robotics competitions, teams come from all over will prepare their robots for competitions for field competitions in a working area called the "pits". There, our team sets up a station with posters, telling other teams a little bit more about who we are and what we do. Our sponsors will also be recognized in our pit area, bringing exposure to your company for all the people who attend the local, state, and world championship games.

  • Your business’ name and logo printed on club t-shirts for sponsorships with $500 or more before we finalize our team/club T-shirt design for the season.

Thank you for your time and considerations,

Team Unlimited from Sharon, MA