Unlimited Alumni

Team Unlimited is proud of every single member who has graduated high school and has moved on to live the next stage of their lives. Here are their pictures and bios from when they were on the team.

Class of 2022

Co-Captain Pooja

Pooja is a senior at Canton High School. This is her third year on Team Unlimited. She loves watching Netflix and hanging out with friends. Also she loves music, she plays both Alto Sax as well as the Violin in and out of school. She loves school (weird right?) and talking to people (she's very talkative). In the future, she would love to pursue a career in either biomedical engineering or medicine.

Co-Captain Seyon

Seyon Wijendran is a senior at Sharon High school. This is his third year on the team. He does hardware and likes to participate in outreach events. He loves to play music, where he is an active member in the high school pit band and chorus accompanist, and hang out with friends. He also likes to play tennis, which he does for the high school team, and play basketball with friends. In the future, he wants to pursue a career in electric engineering or in business.


Soumil is a senior in Sharon High School who is on his second year on the team. His pastimes include listening to music, playing piano, playing guitar, and playing with his band. If you couldn’t tell, he likes music. However he despises the genre of post-rock, which he finds very boring and drony. In the future, he hopes to go into a field in either engineering or design.


Veena is a senior at Sharon High School, and has been on the team for two years. In her free time, she enjoys reading everything from murder mysteries to online comics. Arguably, her favorite book is A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, an interstellar comedy about the meaning of the universe. She also likes hiking, doodling, and listening to music.