About us

Team Unlimited FTC 0001 is a Massachusetts-based youth robotics team that was founded by a group of Sharon Middle School 6th graders who were competing in the 2002 “City Sights” FLL challenge. Team Unlimited takes its name from the 2005 “No Limits” FLL challenge, and later the same season participated in the demo FIRST Vex Challenge competition in Atlanta.  The team has competed in each FTC season from the demo competition in Spring 2005, along with the World Championships from 2005 to 2014

Meet Our Team!

Co-Captain Neil

Neil is a senior at Sharon High School, and this is his third year on the team. He enjoys playing basketball. He also enjoys listening to music in his free time. His favorite food is chicken nuggets, but his least favorite is anything with eggplant in it. In the future, he wants to be a doctor.

Co-Captain Nikhil 

Nikhil is a senior currently studying in Sharon high School. He loves football, math, and playing video games. Nikhil loves spending time with his peers, and creating music. Nikhil is very interested in a future of medicine, and hopes to achive his goal of being a doctor. 

Co-Captain Aditya

Aditya Shanbag is a senior at Sharon High School. Some of his passions are engineering and computer science. He enjoys robotics as it is a field of technology which all his skills come into effect. He is also on the schools ultimate frisbee team which he plays on his offtime. 


Harshal is a senior at Sharon High School, it is currently his third year on Team Unlimited and is in the hardware and design sector. Some of Harshal’s favorite things to do are playing basketball and videogames, he also likes visiting scenic places and nature in general. In the future Harshal hopes to pursue a career in Cardiology.


Mithran is a junior at Sharon High School and this is his third year on the team. He likes to practice piano and go biking with his friends. He also likes to play video games. In the future, he would like to pursue a career in electrical or mechanical engineering.


Samarth is a junior at Sharon High School and this will be his second year on the team. He loves tennis, science, and playing video games. He loves to spend time with his friends and exploring new place. He is also very interested in computers and coding. In the future Samarth hopes to pursue medicine and hopefully become a doctor.


Aarush is a sophmore at Sharon High School and currently in his second year of the team. In his free time he likes to practice guitar, skateboard, or indulge in competitive Rubik’s Cubing. Aarush hopes to have a future in aviation.


Neil is in freshmen year and it is his second year on the team. He loves to play tennis, football, and swim. In addition, he also likes to play the piano and marimba, and loves listening to music. His favorite food is Buffalo Chicken Wings. In the future, Neil plans to have a career in the STEM related field.


Kuvum is in his freshmen year and it is his second year on the team. He enjoys playing Golf, Biking, and exploring technology. His favorite subjects are math or  science and he is interested in learning diverse coding languages. He relishes Sushi and has a sweet tooth for dark chocolate. Kuvum does not know what the future holds for him but he hopes to pursue a career in technology.


Karthik is a junior in high school and it is his first year on the team. He enjoy biking, tennis, and running. He loves to learn new things and is interesting in learning about CAD and different coding languages. He loves to eat Mac n Cheese and spend time with family and friends. 


Chetan is an 8th grader currently at Sharon Middle School. He loves to play golf, video games, and basketball. Chetan loves playing with his friends and eating food. Within robotics Chetan wants to become a outreach lead and also likes to CAD. He is very interested in justice and hopes to become a lawyer one day. 


Coach Wijen

Coach Subu