HELLO! We're Team Unlimited.

An FTC team from Sharon, Massachusetts. We're made up of 9 high-school and middle-school students of various grades. 

What is FTC?

FTC is an acronym for the "FIRST Tech Challenge". The program is part of a K-12 competition run by the non-profit organization FIRST.  The program culminates in a series of robotics competitions, where teams can showcase their work through the 5 month season, and participate in competitive robot matches. FTC's main focus is to promote the STEM among highschoolers, which is evident with each aspect of the competition. We specialize in outreach, documentation, design, and hardware. Outreach involves spreading stem in the community through teaching and community events, where we showcase our robot and team. Documentation revolves around an engineering notebook (stylized ENB), where we extensively document all of our work and our meetings throughout the season. Design consists of CAD  (computer aided design) work, which is used to envision our robot before it is built, and to model parts for the robot which we then 3D print. Finally, hardware is the main work coming up with and building a successful robot for competing in the main competitions.