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127 Robots
127 Drivers
Thursday AM
Thursday PM
Tiara Friday
Friday AM
Friday PM
Alliance Selection

Finally, the more than 5000 images are sorted, converted, and run through Photoshop where needed are ready and posted!  Every effort was made to be sure that there are on-field photos of each team and robot.  Free use is granted to all FIRST and FIRST teams, for personal and promotional purposes.  Please attribute images to FTC0001.ORG. 

Photos are grouped by time period.  Pit photos are of Edison only, our photographer didn't have time to get to Franklin on Wednesday, and was on the field during most of Thursday and Friday - sorry!  For on-field photography, Thursday and Friday AM is mostly Edison, Thursday and Friday PM is mostly Franklin.

FTC0001 - Team Unlimited (yes, we take photos of our own team too!)

Volunteers and Staff - where would we be without them?

All 127 competition robots, and montage poster

Pits (Wednesday, Edison)


On-field Thursday AM (mostly Edison)

On-field Thursday PM (mostly Franklin)

Tiara Friday!

On-field Friday AM (mostly Edison)

On-field Friday PM (mostly Franklin)

Alliance Selection

On-field Saturday AM (Finals)

Awards Saturday

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