MA Championship



It was a spirited competition at the Tinsley Center, an exciting conclusion to the 2012-2013 Massachusetts FTC season!  Our thanks to MASSFTC, all the volunteers and the participants; and our congratulations to all the winners, especially Team Immortalis and the Battery Powered Picklejar Heads, who will represent MASSFTC at the FTC World Championship!

Winning Alliance - Team Immortalis from Pathfinder Tech in Palmer MA (5614), the Sprockets from Shrewsbury Robotics in Shrewsbury MA (5183) and the Higgs Bots from Mt. Everett HS in Sheffield MA(3085)

Finalist Alliance - the Battery Powered Picklejar Heads from Lexington MA (4299), the Gear Ticks from Lincoln MA (6055) and the Mighty Mechanics from Agawam Robotics in Feeding Hills MA (0839)

Inspire Award - The Battery Powered Pickle Jar Heads from Lexington MA (4299)

Team Unlimited was proud to receive the PTC Design Award.

Advance Order

FIRST Advancement Criteria Team Rank Team Name
1 Inspire Award 4299 2 The Battery Powered Picklejar Heads
2 Winning Alliance Captain 5614 1 Team Immortalis
3 Inspire Award 2nd place Not Selected    
4 Winning Alliance, 1st selected 5183 11 Sprockets
5 Inspire Award 3rd place Not Selected    
6 Winning Alliance, 2nd selected 3085 5 Higgs Bot
7 Think Award 4029 20 2 Bits and a Byte
8 Finalist Alliance Captain 4299 2 The Battery Powered Picklejar Heads
9 Connect Award 4479 22 Mecha Eagles
10 Finalist Alliance, 1st selected 6055 7 Gear Ticks
11 Rockwell Collins Innovate Award 5818 4 BotteringRams
12 Finalist Alliance, 2nd selected 839 9 Mighty Mechanics
13 PTC Design Award 1 3 Team Unlimited
14 Next highest ranked 3157 6 Williston Wildcat Robotics
15 Motivate Award 5614 1 Team Immortalis
16 Next highest ranked 3597 8 Knights
17 Next highest ranked 5897 10 HackHers
18 Next highest ranked 5276 12 Broken Code
19 Next highest ranked 2875 13 MightyBot
20 Next highest ranked 4410 14 Awesome Sauce
21 Next highest ranked 3615 15 Blue Screen


Winner is the RED Alliance 1: 5614,5183,3085

RED - Winner SF 1: Alliance 1: 5614,5183,3085

BLUE - Winner SF 2: Alliance 2: 4299,6055,839


RED - Alliance 1: 5614,5183,3085


RED - Alliance 2: 4299,6055,839

BLUE - Alliance 4: 5818,3615,4479

BLUE - Alliance 3: 1,3597,3157


Not our usual on-field photo coverage of all teams - we were unable to obtain a media pass from the MASSFTC organizers.  Going forward, we expect that we will no longer be able to provide close-up photos for Massachusetts FTC competitions.


The 2013 Massachusetts FTC Championship is scheduled to occur on Saturday, March 16th from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.  Bridgewater State University is hosting the competition, in the Tinsley Center at 325 Plymouth Street in Bridgewater Massachusetts.  Team Unlimited qualified at the Andover qualifying tournament, and looks forward to seeing you there!

7:00 Volunteer check in

7:30 Team check in

7:45 Judging and inspections

10:30 Opening ceremony

10:45 Qualification matches

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Matches resume

3:30 Final matches

5:15 Closing ceremony


Name Affiliation City State
1 Team Unlimited Team Unlimited Sharon MA
505 Knights North Andover High School North Andover MA
839 Mighty Mechanics Agawam Robotics Feeding Hills MA
2875 MightyBot MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington MA
3057 Girls Like Bots Notre Dame Academy High School Hingham MA
3085 Higgs Bot Mt. Everett Regional High School Sheffield MA
3157 Williston Wildcat Robotics Williston Northampton School Easthampton MA
3597 Knights North Andover High School North Andover MA
3615 Blue Screen Arlington High School Arlington MA
4029 2 Bits and a Byte Lexington High School Lexington MA
4096 T-10 ("T minus Ten") Needham High School Needham MA
4176 The Architechs The Rivers School Weston MA
4299 The Battery Powered Picklejar Heads The Battery Powered Picklejar Heads Lexington MA
4377 SCRAPPERS New Bedford Public Schools New Bedford MA
4408 Robots in Plaid Ursuline Academy Dedham MA
4410 Awesome Sauce Raytheon & Andover High School Andover MA
4466 Robots and Brain Bots Inc. Gann Academy Waltham MA
4479 Mecha Eagles St. John's Preparatory School Danvers MA
5060 Milton Static Milton High School Milton MA
5183 Sprockets Shrewsbury Robotics Shrewsbury MA
5273 Pixelated Tesseracts Andover High School Andover MA
5276 Broken Code Dover Sherborn High School Robotics Club Dover MA
5436 Aluminum Cobblers Natick High School Natick MA
5614 Team Immortalis Pathfinder Regional Voc.-Tech. High School Palmer MA
5700 Knights North Andover High School North Andover MA
5818 BotteringRams Education Foundation of Kennebunk & Arundel & Kennebunk High School Kennebunk ME
5897 HackHers Needham High School Needham MA
6055 Gear Ticks Gear Ticks Lincoln MA


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